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A comfortable office stems from well done interiors. Harnoor will organise your work area with maximum utilisation of space. A well planned work space improves productivity. We provide office furniture to meet the requirement and deliver comfort. Get your elegant office from Harnoor Designs.



A comfortable office stems from well done interiors. Harnoor Designs will organise your work area with maximum utilisation of space. A well planned work space improves productivity. We provide office furniture to meet the requirement and deliver comfort. Get your elegant office from Harnoor Designs.


Office Workstations

We at Harnoor Designs provide our clients with best office solutions. We can make maximum utilization of space in your office by fitting custom made office workstations. If you want modern workstation for your office come to us and save your time energy and money.


Office Furniture

We are experts in Ergonomics, and passionate about design. Harnoor’s taste in design has helped him to take motivation from modern aesthetic trends to re-design office spaces. He is a leader in innovation and provides economic solutions to design modern office furniture.


Office Storages

We at Harnoor Design give an option to our clients to choose from our large selection of office file storage, storage cabinets, display storage, store-wells, wall mounted storage and so on. Visit us at Harnoor Design for well-designed office storage at low prices.


Office Flooring

Our range of office flooring aims at contributing a comfortable working environment. Selecting new office flooring can be difficult. However, you can explore our range of affordable, luxurious and durable floor coverings. Contact us at Harnoor designs and save time and money.


Office Ceiling Design

Office Ceilings play a vital role in providing a creative and productive environment. So we at Harnoor’s believe in following workplace trends and have an understanding of how to select different ceiling systems to meet the needs of both employers and employees best.


Office Lighting

We believe in smart and good office lighting from 9 to 5. Because smart and good lighting can lit your workplace and functional lighting design can improve work efficiency and thus enhance an employees productivity and reduce a building owner’s operating costs.


Office Partition

When considering office partitioning, there are many different types of office partitions to choose from. Each has different properties and qualities, and are all useful in the right places. You can choose from glass, solid, acoustic and demountable partitions.


Office HVAC

The energy performance of different HVAC systems varies, and, more importantly, is dependent to the characteristics of the building. We at Harnoor’s work on HVAC design strategies that are meant for better comfort, that can be experienced in office space.


Office Firework

Office firework includes smoke detectors for offices and water sprinklers for offices. Installing a smoke detector and fire sprinkler is a way to battle with the dangers of a fire. While smoke detectors react to smoke, fire sprinklers are designed to react to heat.


Office Wall Paint

Harnoor believes in creating a work environment that can have an incredible effect on your energy, creativity and focus because the office is the place where you spend most of your time. Hence we work and finalise paint colours that have all positive vibes.


2D & 3D Work

We at Harnoor Design use the latest computer-aided 2D and 3D images for your project. These images can be used as a trial with different colors, fabrics so you can experience a visual experience of the proposed office environment & see the final result before work begins.


Onsite Carpentry

We at Harnoor designs provide onsite carpentry too. Our master carpenters and installers build to fit in the area. We take into consideration every variation, from the ground we’re working on to ensuring that we construct the piece in the exact location it needs to fit in.



We make full utilization of space by analyzing the space against the requirement. And come out with unique creative ideas.


We don’t believe in compromising our quality. Hence provide the best quality available in the industry & at affordable prices.

On Time Delivery

We are passionate about our work and believe in on time delivery. So abide by completing the work within the stipulated deadline.

Client Satisfaction

A job can never be complete until the customer isn’t satisfied. And we at Harnoor Designs take our feedback very seriously.


We at Harnoor Designs are one of the trusted names in the industry and are engaged in providing Commercial Office Interior Designing services. To shape up an entire culture in an office, we are offering appealing and unique designing services to the clients. We use high-quality materials and advanced technologies to add beauty to the offices or organizations’ interior. By making the maximum use of space and resource utilization, your office can exhibit a high level of progressive style and security.
We thrive on creativity and like to view things with our out of the box ideas. We deliver high-quality artistry and use materials that have been pre-approved by our clients yet at a price that is affordable to them.
We take pride in our designs which are unique and work on its intricacies.
We precede deadlines with forethought and strategic planning.
Our dedicated team of employers all has a common goal in mind. Each team member makes a valuable contribution and ensures in adding an extemporary finesse to the final product.

  • Complete Customized Solutions

    Check out the best innovative home, office & retail interior designs. We have experience in making beautiful homes and workplaces and provide complete customized solutions in your budget & on time delivery

  • Unmatched Warranties

    We at Harnoor Designs are a team of passionate interior designers. Our earnest urge is to provide unmatched warranties to your home & office interior solutions. And this has led us on this path of creativity which is sophisticating and eye soothing.

  • Value for Money

    Our mission is to make your lifestyle interesting be it your home or office hence we are always ready to re-design the existing space. We use materials that are of superior quality and deliver our work/product at a price where it adds value to your money.

  • Complete Turnkey Projects

    Meeting the demands of our customers, we are providing Interior Design Complete Turnkey Projects. In these services, we arrange the items by utilizing complete space and execute the same in an efficient manner as per the requirements.

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